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Race: Human
Age: 29
Blood type: A-

A young blacksmith from the mining village of Arreal, Karden showed a great disposition for forging at a young age. He rapidly became known as a prodigy and soon was chosen to be the next master of Arreal's blacksmiths. Patient, kind and with a strong sense of loyalty, Karden is always willing to lend his talents to those in need.

Race: Human
Age: 18
Blood type: B-

Through hailing from Arreal, Baeme never showed much proficiency for smithing. He has demonstrated great promise in creating mechanical contraptions and has already provided the town with practical mining devices. Still, his loud and unconcerned nature has made it difficult for Baeme to concentrate on his tasks, as he would rather play around and go on adventures. He holds a close bond with Karden, whom he ses as his older brother.

Race: Spacii
Age: 24
Blood type: E+

She is a spacii, a race of magis with catlike features and the ability to teleport on short distances. A strong woman, Lleana travels the world alone like many of her kin choose to do, in search of a purpose. After meeting Karden and Baeme, she reluctantly joins with them to confront Talameq's disciples.

Race: Human
Age: 31
Blood type: AB+

A thalasai monk turned leader of his group after his monastery was invaded by monsters, Ibram faced great turmoil after his wife died from a mysterious illness. Feeling he had nothing left to lose, the monk returned to the monastery along to exact his revenge upon those who have taken everything from him.

Race: Madox
Age: 47
Blood type: A+

Hailing from the southern continent, Aurek is a madox, a species of minotaur like people. He is a shaman who communicates with spirits from the everflow, but can also hold his own in battle with his bare hands. He claims that spirits brought him to Karden, to ensure that he would provide his help as he could to fend off the evil threatning the world.

Race: Holarii
Age: 36
Blood type: O-

A captain for the holarii army, the bird like rulers of the southern continent, Pharj helps Karden meet the holarii council after he proves his good intentions, but soon discovers the ills of politics and so must choose between loyalty and duty.



Race: Human
Age: 29
Blood type: B+

A blacksmith also native from Arreal, Jean is lanky, talkative and arrogant. He feels the world owes him and isn't afraid to fight to get his away. He could never accept that Karden was chosen as the next master of Arreal and vowed to never stop until he defeats his rival and proves his superiority.

Race: Human
Age: 30
Blood type: O-

Jean's best and only friend, Rieper is the elder, a large mountain of a man but never standing in Jean's way, instead letting his friend take the lead and following in his steps. Silent and observant, Rieper's skill is undeniable, yet his calm demeanor lets suppose more behind his facade.

Race: Holarii
Age: 36
Blood type: B+

Once a beautiful holarii, nicknamed "The mistress of ice" for her sparkling jewelry, Siphrade had everyone her heart desired: a loving family, boundless riches, influence over the holarii. She only had one, overwhelming fear: to lose it all. And so her mind was corrupted by Talameq, making her freeze her world and ensure it would never come to pass. She now serves the dark entity, hoping to bring a stop to the world, through frost or death.

Race: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Blood type: Unknown

Perhaps once a man, yet there is little doubt that the impossibly tall Barahein now is corrupted heart and soul. The black and crimson knight travels the world without pause, Talameq's emissary as he gathers the arelite necessary to summon his master to this world, leaving only a trail of blood and destruction behind.

Race: Spacii
Age: 72
Blood type: E-

A cunning spacii wizard, Mael prefers to control those around him through confusion and chaos rather than direct confrontation, yet Talameq has granted him an armada of spells powerful enough to decimate a small army. Working from the shadows, the old man carries on his own agenda, to summon his master Talameq and through him bring about ultimate control: the end of the world.
More characters still to come