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Kevin Giguère
Designer, programmer, writer and producer

Designer, programmer, writer and producer, Kevin is the pillar of Arelite Core's development. Founder of Dragon Slumber, he started working on a simple Japanese styled RPG in 2012 and as the game's story and and design became set, he gradually brought high quality artists to bring his vision to life.

Kevin is a game industry enthusiast at heart, keeping tabs on current video game releases, politics as well as being a bit of a historian. Three years of work in the video game industry quickly disillusioned him and he now prefers to work on his own brands, at his own pace, where he ensure a higher level of quality.

Also, Kevin wears ties because ties are cool.

Favorite games: Chrono Trigger, Metal Gear Solid, Half-Life 2, Antichamber
Naresa Dizon
Monster and character artist

A visual artist covering many fields but specialized in illustrations and sprite animations. Given that, Naresa first received the opportunity to work on Arelite Core's monsters, from their concepts up to their animated pixel sprite forms. As she moved forward on the project, she was presented with another opportunity, to illustrate the in-game character portraits.

Naresa loves stories of fiction across many different media such as comics, mangas, anime and of course, video games. She has been working in various fields in the past, but she is now committed to working on anything game-related.

Favorite games: Star Ocean Second Story/Evolution, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Persona 3 Portable, RPG games in general

Online Portfolio: http://hasay.daportfolio.com
Salvatore Pascarella
Concept artist

Illustrator, Architect and Comic artist, Salvatore is a 26 year old Italian boy with a great passion for the fantasy and sci-fi genres. He grew up playing rpgs like Final Fantasy and he was enthusiastic to work with Kevin on a jrpg style videogame.

He likes food, ethnic food, good food in general, the good fantasy, the Arthurian cicle, reading books, reading comics, watching movies, and every narrative form.

Favorite games: Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill
Sprite artist

A game artist who created her first game in elementary school and kept on making them ever since. Currently she prefers to focus on cooperating with promising projects like Arelite Core to help them reach their full potential.

"Pirate" is also a science nerd and loves colours, beer and quarks. While drawing she tends to watch various tv shows or anime.

Favorite games: Final Fantasy:Tactics, Ragnarok Online, Castlevania, Fez
Sprite artist

A 36 year old pixel artist from Poland, fan of vintage computers, consoles and arcade machines.

Favorite games: Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy 7, Ocarina of Time, Shenmue, Mario Galaxy and hundreds others.
Augustinas Raginskis
Tile artist

Illustrator, product designer, graphic designer and a man of many interests which encompass everything from quantum mechanics to anime. He studied art in various forms at various schools for most of his life before switching to digital media and starting to draw pretty much the strangest things he could think of for the fun of it.

Favorite games: Diablo 2, Portal 2 and countless old RPGs.
Tile artist

Trekking through the universe of pixel art.

Favorite games: Whatever I'm playing at the moment is my favorite.
Hugh Holton

A Royal Conservatoire of Scotland graduate, with a big love of all things music and game related, Hugh is turning his hand to Arelite Core’s 16-bit styled soundtrack- and trying to make it as awesome as possible.

When not writing music for games and films, he likes going to pub quizzes, reading comics and playing guitar with his band ‘The Magnificent Murder Show’.

Favorite games: Kingdom Hearts, The Walking Dead, Alice: Madness Returns

Website: http://www.hughholtonmusic.com
More team members to come