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Press Kit

Art, screenshots and videos


These are official trailers for Arelite Core.

Game screens

These are in-game screenshots of Arelite Core.
Engaged in a fearsome battle Equipping Karden in the status screen The depths of the Arreal mines Dying desert town, Sand Thalasai Fighting the Thalasai sphinxes A docked ship in Corodeen Early morning in the Boreale streets

Concept art

Here are just a few of the concept art pieces created by Salvatore to bring the world and characters of Arelite Core to life.
Peaceful Eldrys Desert village of Sand Thalasai Lleana the spacii magi Karden the master blacksmith Baeme the easy going engineer Ibram the Thalasai monk Aurek the madox shaman Pharj the holarii captain Wild khane concept art Arrogant rival Jean Silent rival Rieper Ice mistress Siphrade Dark knight Barahein Manipulating wizard Mael


These are a few art pieces to brighten your desktops.
The Arelite Core cast of characters Jean and Rieper, Karden's eternal rivals Barahein, Siphrade and Mael, Talameq's disciples

Logos and posters

Here are high quality logos, both for the game and the development company, Dragon Slumber.
Arelite Core Logo Dragon Slumber Logo Montage with all the main characters


Here are a few of the fantastic tracks heard all throughout your adventure.