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The story so far

Arelite, a legendary metal believed to have a connection with the world of the dead itself, the Everflow. Long sought by blacksmiths seeking to fashion weapons of the greatest caliber, arelite eventually faded away from the world, becoming only a myth passed down from generation to generation.

Yet there are others who would seek to possess it's powers as well. Through it's connection with the Everflow, the disciples of Talameq hope to raise their dark god once more and through him, destroy the world.

Follow the adventures of Karden, a blacksmith on the path to mastering his craft, forced to take a stand against the armies assembled in Talameq's name. Aided by his companions, Karden will seek to reunite the northern kingdom of man with the southern kingdom of the holarii.

The world is in peril. Welcome to Arelite Core.


A complete experience

We believe in providing a complete game experience and as such will not patch an ending after release, no will DLC be required to have a complete story. Discover the adventures of Karden, his best friend Baeme and the headstrong spacii magi Lleana as they travel across the world to stop an ever growing evil from destroying it.
Live a story, not a grindfest

Many games pad their gameplay time with grindests, but Arelite Core instead aims to invest it's time in a compelling story driven experience. We expect a 10-12 hour base experience, without padding it with a constant need for grinding.
Animated monsters

The time for static opponents is past. In Arelite Core, you will fight more than 120 highly detailed animated monsters. You may also discover more about your opponents in the bestiary.
Dynamic battle system

A completely reinvigorated battle system. Customise how your characters fight, inflict status effects while attacking or instead heal some damage on every strike. Make your strikes as fast as lightning or take down all of your foes with one powerful attack. The choice is yours!
Unique techniques

Unleash devastating techniques unique to each character. Build your heat meter by attacking, defending and taking damage, and strike back using level 1, 2 or 3 attacks.
Forge new weapons

Find materials and forge weapons and armor. Resources are limited however so you will need to make choices to determine who needs the equipment the most.
Colosseum Mode

Confront several challenges or create your own. Try to get the highest score by choosing increasingly difficult parameters like low character levels, difficult monsters or fight handicaps.
Speedrunner friendly

Arelite Core was designed with speedrunners in mind, adding a "speedrun mode" with an on-screen timer as well as reduced dialogue and a set random system enabling players to perfect their runs without falling victim to the random. Additionally, numerous secrets are included in the main game enabling players to skip large portions of the game.
Amazing SNES styled soundtrack

A retro styled game deserves a memorable soundtrack, which is why Hugh Holton was brought onboard to produce the soundtrack for the game.